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Safety Wear

Protect your workers

Safety for workers is a paramount concern to most business operators especially in the higher risk industrial and mining sectors.

Companies, both large and small, spend a considerable amount of money ensuring that they provide a safe work environment, policies and procedures and personal safety items such as clothing and footwear or “safety wear” as it is commonly known.

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Safety Wear Can Double As Great Promo

As a business, you should take every opportunity to promote your products and services and this is no different for the safety wear that you provide your staff for their protection.

Safety wear then can serve a dual purpose in your business;-

  1. To help protect your staff and to assist in delivering a safe workplace
  2. To promote your business, products or services

Powerhouse Direct can supply all the Hi-Vis Safety and Fire Retardent gear that you may require. We also have facilities to custom make your Hi-Vis safety wear if you need something different.

Should you require more information on our range of Safety Wear you can inquire by completing the short form at the top right of this page and we will get back to you presently with answers to your questions.

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